Welcome to the Strong Police Wife Society: a place for Law Enforcement wives to find freedom, friendship, and fellowship through this crazy thing called life!
I am so glad you found my little corner of the internet! My name is Lauren and I help wives of Law Enforcement Officers break free from the resentment, stress, and anxiety that comes with being married to the job. Are you ready to live a life full of less worry and more joy?

Work With Me

There is nothing that lights me up more than meeting and being in community with fellow LEOWs. Whether you are looking for personal transformation to live a life of more joy and freedom or just a community of positive, judgement and drama free women I have something that will meet your needs!

Lauren was absolutely amazing to work with! I had no idea the changes I see in myself mentally were going to come of this experience. I came into it hoping to learn more self- discipline for eating & overall ways to choose/make healthier food options. I came out of it with a new/improved self-esteem; I learned to let go of my past because it was, unknowingly, holding me back; voice my frustrations in a healthy way rather than holding them in; and ways to change my story so I dont keep making the same mistakes. These steps inevitably led to me making changes in my eating habits. Lauren made it her mission to create an environment free of bias and judgement. She helped me to see myself as a unique individual who is worthy of love from others and to be patient with myself.

Taylor L

Lauren definitely allowed space for what I needed to talk about and get out of my head. I will continue to use the strategies she gave me as I now realize how important they are to my overall wellbeing. I am a very logical person and Lauren was able to work with me on my level but also introduced new healthier ways of looking at things which was one of the biggest wins. Working with Lauren was one of the best investments I could have ever made in myself!

Amanda E