About Me

Hey girl! I am so glad you are here.

I just want to start out by saying, I was you. I struggled to put myself first. I struggled with resentment for my husband as he got to live out his passion, while I was stuck at home with the kids – even though that was exactly where I wanted to be! I struggled to take care of myself and make smart food choices. I was crabby and quick to anger 90% of the time. I spent a lot of time in LEO Wife Facebook groups, where I saw countless women share many of the same feelings and struggles I was experiencing. This led me to believe those things were “normal” and I began to accept my life as it was.

However, at the end of 2018, I decided life didn’t have to be like this. Life as a LEO wife didn’t have to suck! I could still prioritize my physical and mental health, despite my husband’s crazy work schedule. I could still find joy and happiness, even though it felt like I was on my own most of the time. I discovered I had much more control over my well-being than I thought. I realized we didn’t have to be slaves to my officer’s schedule… and that’s when I started making shifts and everything changed!

As soon as I began to shift my mindset, I was able to find more joy and freedom. I knew I had to share this with other police wives, because here’s the thing – our officers need our support! We need to put in the work to be the best versions of ourselves, so we can show up for them when they need it most. I know I wasn’t the person my husband needs when I was feeling resentful and not taking care of myself. I know I show up better for him, now. Don’t get me wrong – we are all allowed to have our days. But I am here to give you the proper tools, so you can show up for your officer too!

Join Me!

I understand what worked for me, may not be the secret sauce for everyone, which is why I got certified as a Health and Life Coach. I now help LEO wives live the life they desire, despite the daily challenges they face! I offer one-on-one coaching and run a Facebook group where I provide weekly Mindset Training for FREE. You can also join the Strong Police Wife Society Membership tight knit group of positive women who just get it. My prayer is that you join me on this journey to creating a Strong Police Wife Society - because we’re better together!